Ettus X310 Hardware Notes

September 03, 2016

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Weight is 1.7kg. Dimensions ??

Sides and rear need to have airflow.


Power connector is a Kycon KPPX-4P, which is a locking 4-pin mini DIN. It is rated for 7.5A @ 20V and has a pretty complex assembly procedure, but can be assembled onto fairly large wire (e.g. unjacketed 12AWG silicone).

Nominal supply voltage is 12V.

Power requirement for the X310 running in receive-only at 100MSPS using the stock FPGA image and no extra RFNoC blocks seems to be about 36W.



  • Power: locking 4-pin mini-DIN
  • Ethernet: two SFP+ cages
  • PCIe: National Instruments called this an "MXI-Express" cable, but it's also available from other vendors
  • GPS: SMA
  • Clock in/out: SMA


  • GPIO: DB-25
  • RF: SMA (connected via internal cables to daughterboards)

PCIe Interface

Ettus supplies a kit to connect the X310 directly to PCIe, but it's pricey. This hardware also reportedly works:


The GPSDO from Ettus is a Jackson Labs LC_XO, which is a 20ppb OCXO. The GPSDO recommended for use with the B200/B210 is also compatible, as described here.

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